About Nick

Born March 25th 1984, New Jersey has been home to Nicholas A. Perez-Santalla.

His music reflects a striking maturity and unequaled rock instincts. Combine these artistic abilities with a young man who is a product of the same cultural realities that others his age face, and you have a musician for a new generation.

Thanks to his father's (Javier) eclectic musical taste, Nick Perez was exposed to a wide variety of music while growing up. But the flash point came when eight year old Nick was taken to see Ringo and The All-Stars, June 21st, 1992 ( Holmdel, NJ ). His very first concert, featuring, Timmy Cappello ,Burton Cummings ,David Edmunds ,Nils Lofgren ,Todd Rundgren ,Timothy B. Schmidt ,Zak Starkey ,Joe Walsh and of course Ringo Starr. The boy experienced a powerful and profound transformation, and in short order he strapped on his first guitar. Soon, Nick's passion for music and his natural ability to play, grew by leaps and bounds.

Nicks first guitars, were gifts from his grandfather(Jesus). The first ,a very nice acoustic seagull, and the second a beautiful Gibson SG'. To this day, Nick refuses to play anything else, the SG' Is by his side wherever he goes.

While failing at several attempts to form a live band during his high school years it was not until he was stationed at Ft Stewart outside of Savannah GA that he started to experience Live performance, and as he jammed with elite blues players, his ability and musical horizons continued to grow.While stationed at Camp Liberty , In Baghdad, Nick continued his formation. With two trips to Afghanistan and almost a decade later, Nick has completed a professional certificate-producing program at the Berklee College of Music and is now, more than ever, creating at every opportunity.